4th Place Prize
4th Place Prize

3rd Place Prize
3rd Place Prize

1st Place Prize
1st Place Prize

4th Place Prize
4th Place Prize



Leaderboard refreshes every 5 minutes. Please do not submit multiple times.


By making a submission for the practice competition, you agree to follow the rules.

  • Only individual practice time counts for the practice competition. Band class, jazz band, or other ensembles do not count.

  • Students must practice something related to their weekly assignment. For example, playing the Fortnite theme song does not count as practice.

  • If a student does not say what they practiced in their tracker submission, their time will not count.

  • With every  tracker submission, you must record and send a Flipgrid video of you playing something you practiced. This must be done the same day of your tracker submission, or else your time will not count.

    • To join Flipgrid, download the app.

      • Flip code: innovativebrass 

      • Password: Cheddarcheese​

  • The practice competition will begin November 1st, and end at 11:59PM of November 26th.

  • Prizes will be awarded to 1st, 2nd, 3rd, and 4th place winners based on amount of time spent practicing.

  • Have a question about something that isn't here? Reach out to Dan Blevins.

Other info

  • Prizes will be announced starting October 28th.

  • On November 11th and 23rd, your time will count as DOUBLE!

  • All Innovative Brass students are allowed to compete, and are entered into the competition by default.